Technical Security
There is a basic level of protection filter, which blocks pornographic, violent
and illegal content and which is managed by the Panhellenic School
Network. There is no other wired or wireless internet access outside of this
Existing applications are regularly evaluated, updated and removed if they
are no longer in use as a part of the ICT manager's duties.

Access to technology by students and staff
Students are prohibited by current law from carrying mobile phones and
other electronic means of communication within the school premises.
Teachers must also have their personal mobile phones switched off at the
time of teaching. However, modern electronic equipment can sometimes be
used in the educational process at the discretion of teachers.
Students allowed to use their own wireless equipment and have access to
the wireless network (WiFi) of the school, during specific teaching hours,
because of the potential learning benefits that mobile phones and digital
devices can provide to bring to class, under the strict supervision of teachers
and then WiFi is disabled.

Data protection
Staff are fully responsible of their password creation.
Students on the other hand are advised to create strong passwords and ICT
manager manages a platform that handles students accounts and

Software Licenses
All operating system software has licenses. For application software is
preferred open-source software.
When an educator wants to acquire new hardware/software for the school
network, files a request to the Director, who informs the IT manager, and
together Director and all three parts discuss and proceed to the purchase.

Information Technology Management
When new software is installed on school devices, teachers ask for the help
of the ICT manager or other experienced teachers’ on how to use it.

Personnel policy
Teachers are allowed to use personal mobile devices in the classroom in
accordance with the Fair Use Policy.

Managing internet security
Αll students are taught about internet safety. (Cyber)bullying is discussed
with students as part of the syllabus.
School often participates in Safer Internet Day.
Students have the means to confide in a trusted adult if a cyber(bulling) or
(e)safety incident happens, as there is a group of teachers that has taken on
this role.