Debating – Democracy in Action/ Αγώνες Ρητορικής 2021

ΓΕΛ Διαπολιτισμικής Εκπαίδευσης Ευόσμου – 

Εκπαιδευτήρια Αυγουλέα Λιναρδάτου

4οι (Διαδικτυακοί) Αγώνες Ρητορικής στην Αγγλική Γλώσσα 

Τράπεζα θεμάτων

Υπενθύμιση: Τα θέματα πρέπει να έχουν περιεχόμενο σχετιζόμενο με την ευρωπαϊκή πολιτιστική κληρονομιά, υλική και άυλη, καθώς και με τη συμβολή των πεδίων Επιστήμη, Τεχνολογία, Μηχανική, Τέχνη και Μαθηματικά (S.T.E.A.M.) σε αυτή.

  1. The Industrial Revolution has shaped the European identity more than Art and Literature.
  2. There should be a unified curriculum in EU secondary schools
  3. The European cultural heritage is Europe’s answer in the struggle for power and influence in the world’s geopolitical scene.
  4. Cultural artefacts which are exhibited in European museums away from their country of origin should be repatriated
  5. All museums should offer free virtual tours to European citizens.
  6. Modern apps promote knowledge of our cultural heritage.
  7. Art as a subject should be taught at senior high school of EU countries.
  8. National history lessons should be replaced by European history lessons in all EU countries.
  9. European schools should prioritize science studies over humanities.
  10. Developing systematic training courses in cultural heritage should be promoted at all levels of european education