15/12/2014   Radio paths through the years



The students of class A1 who have chosen to study the project ?Radio Paths throughout the years? along with the Environmental Group of our school called ?Green fm II? visited the RADIO Museum of Thessaloniki which is situated in the surroundings of the International Fair of Thessaloniki.

The museum has been established thanks to individuals΄  initiatives and its aim is to collect, preserve and display all material relating directly or indirectly with the voice and sound.Students had a guided tour throughout the museum and saw some of the equipment  used by the founder of the first radio in the Balkans, Mr H. Tsingiridi.

Mrs Mihelaki, the person in charge of the Environmental Education Office, had kindly accepted teachers? invitation and joined the visit.

The Coordinators...Nenou Chrisoula and Mitsopoulou Afroditi!


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