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Εξεταστέα Ύλη Ενδοσχολικών Εξετάσεων 2016

Α Λυκείου

Β Λυκείου

Γ Λυκείου

Πρόγραμμα Ενδοσχολικών Εξετάσεων 2016

Α Λυκείου

Β Λυκείου

Γ Λυκείου


English-Philosophy co-teaching

... English-Philosophy co-teaching (CLIL)



WEST SIDE STORY. The video was created as part of the environmental program "West side story" in the school year 2014-15 with the responsible philologists Aphroditi Mitsopoulou and Kristi Giakoumakou.



The Intercultular Senior High  school of Evosmos took

 the first prize on the national competition

 for the best writing with ecological content.

 During the school year of 2014-2015 into the background of the project lesson of A'1 (Radio through the times) our school participated ion the competition of the World Network 'Young Reporters for the Environment' for the writing of the best article with environmental content and received the First prize. The results were published on the International day for the Environment (5 June) while the winners were chosen by the committee of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), (UNESCO), the international institute of industrial and environmental economics (IIEE), the Wrigley company foundation, the Union of Students (YRE 1996), the Institute for environmental education (FEE) as well as by international journalists, writers and directors (Longyearbyen Consulting & Media).

Subject of the article was the urban cultures, which in recent years have developed in our country and particularly in the prefecture of Thessaloniki

It?s title: "Community Gardens: a solution for a healthy and profitable life-style"

Editor of the article is the student from A' class Patreli Maria under the lead and support of the teacher, mrs.Nenou Chrysoula

In Details, see here:

This distinction was presented by the media at local and national level. Interview with teacher Mrs. Nenou Chrisoula in "Vima" newspaper, step here:

 The student took as a reward a brand new and high-tech tablet.


National 28th October Anniversary






    On Wednesday 4th November 2015

Mr.Dimarelos George, commissioner of public transport and parking of Thessaloniki?s town,  visited our school. Purpose of his visit was to inform the students of A?3 class about the subject of promoting the use of biking in the city?s streets of Thessaloniki.

The invitation was made in the background of the project lesson ?Be Innovative Kinetic European?  of the A?3 class under the leadership of the English teacher Mrs. Nenou Chrysoula .

... Project: "Be Innovative Kinetic European"


The first edition of our electronic school newspaper is part of the project which we did with the students of the B2 class, using the application ?schoolpress?,  the Greek School Network. Our goal is for the children to create an environment through which they create,  express their concerns, interests as well as highlighting the various activities of the school out of its narrow limits. One of the questions we posed at the outset and is a challenge for us to answer is: Can a school newspaper provide the expression and creativity of the school community?

 We invite you to "read" and comment the effort of our students to contribute in order to become better.

The link to our newspaper is:

Good reading,

The editorial team (pupils B2)

Coordinator (k.Karasouli Aspa- PE06)

1st Prize at the Second National Student Radio Festival

... 1st Prize at the Second National Student Radio Festival

A5 Video Conferences With schools of India and Netherlands              30/03/2015



... A5 Video Conferences With schools of India and Netherlands.

"Radio Routes yesterday and today" 


... "Radio Routes yesterday and today"






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